Online courses

Four online courses in the languages of the partner countries will be published as Open Educational Resources (OER) following the completion of the courses. The TeachUP course series will explore the changing role of teachers and students in classrooms. Participants will gain practical tools, learn new pedagogical methods and deepen their knowledge on how to adapt to today's classroom reality. Starting with Formative Assessment – participants will learn how to better understand their students' learning processes and how best to accommodate their learning needs. The second course focuses on Personalised Learning – exploring how to empower students to take ownership of their learning. The third course addresses Collaborative Learning – looking at activities and tools that facilitate fruitful and meaningful collaboration between students. The final course of the series takes a closer look on Creativity in the classroom- examining how students can develop creative thinking skills. 
The courses will become available as an open educational resources after the end of the experimentation, scheduled for 2019.

The TeachUP project is a European Policy Experimentation co-funded by the European Commission via the Erasmus+ programme. This website reflects the views only of the authors and it does not represent the opinion of the European Commission, and the European Commission is not responsible or liable.