Launch of the 2nd series of Country Dialogue Labs

The 2nd series of Teach-UP Country Dialogue Labs is launched this week, with the first Lab being held in Salzburg (Austria) on 29 and 30 October. The 2nd series will conclude on 31 January 2019 with Malta's Lab.

The TeachUP policy experimentation is built on two interrelated strands of work. The first is the testing of two different instructional designs and delivery modes for the four TeachUP online courses, in a randomised controlled trial. The second is the creation of the Country Dialogue Labs, which act as a platform for informal dialogue between ITE and CPD stakeholders, where they can exchange on the challenges of adapting ITE and CPD to teachers' new competences, and how to overcome them. As such, they provide a bottom-up input to the Teach-UP policy experimentation, in particular in shaping the content of the upcoming courses. The courses, which will start on 13 November 2018, are currently restricted to Teach-UP participants will be opened to the public after the end of the experimentation in 2019.

About the 1st series of Country Dialogue Labs

The 1st series of Country Dialogue Labs brought together more than 300 participants in 10 countries. Policy-makers, ITE and CPD educators, school teachers and student teachers discussed national training and priorities on four new competences for teachers: formative assessment, personalised learning, collaborative learning, and creative thinking.
Labs were carefully planned according to guidelines supporting the active participation of attendees. As such, they have been very well received by the stakeholders (asking for more and longer meetings) as well as by the TeachUP partners who have been able to switch from a usually more ‘prescriptive' role to a more ‘facilitator' role.