All the outputs produced in the framework of the Teach-UP policy experimentation can be found on this page. After the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, where many teachers have been required to teach online for the first time, the Teach-UP outputs provide interesting insights for policy-makers, teacher trainers, course providers, and anyone interested in finding ways to scale up effectively and efficiently online teacher training.


Final publications

The report How to Improve Completion and Assessment in Scalable Online Courses for Teachers  provides an overview of the findings arising from the TeachUP policy experimentation from a policy-making perspective. The report is currently being translated and other language versions will be made available as soon as possible.

The report on Implementing Personalised Support in Scalable Online Courses looks at the impact of personalised support on the participation and completion of teachers in the TeachUP online courses.

The report on Peer versus Expert Assessment looks at peer assessment as a viable approach to assess learning achievements in online courses, and how it compares to expert assessment. 

The Evaluation Report presents the full results from the field trials.

The TeachUP Final Report summarises the TeachUP research results. It is available in DE, EL, ES, ET, HU, LT, PT, SK and TR.



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