TeachUP Outputs

Research is underway with project partners to identify the gaps in existing Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the four priority areas in relation to the new role and competences of teachers. The research findings, which include the results of a questionnaire and complementary literature review were discussed with partners in June 2017, prior to being finalised and published on the website:
  • Classroom-based formative assessment
  • Personalised and differentiated learning
  • Collaborative learning among students in schools
  • Nurturing student creativity.


TeachUP Deliverable D1.1a: The changing role and competences of teachers




The TeachUP Scientific and Advisory Committee (SAC) designed an ITE and CPD Provision Questionnaire. The aim of the survey was to identify any gaps in ITE and CPD provision in four priority areas:

- Formative assessment
- Personalisation and differentiation
- Nurturing collaborative problem-solving
- Nurturing creativity
The consultation took place in the first four months of the project and captured the views of 425 providers of teacher education in ten countries and assessed the extent of online training and their perception of the extent to which their organization covers the four competences.
Read more about the results here.

Deliverable D1.1b: Self-Regulated Learning Online




The Self-Regulated Learning Online report aims to cover several important dimensions in defining, promoting, and evaluating self-regulated learning, and more specifically self-regulated learning (SLR) online.

The report highlights the necessity and benefits of SLR given the online learning demands and professional development of teachers. It further proceeds to provide a shared understanding by which diverse stakeholders can define SRL, informed and derived from well-established models and the consensus rooted in a scientific evidence base. Parts two and three in turn provide a comprehensive overview of the literature and existing current and emerging approaches and tools, with the aims of allowing for the design (promotion and evaluation) of impactful SRL interventions online.


 Deliverable D1.4: Guidelines for Country Dialogue Labs



The Dialogue Labs provide opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing and co-creation between ITE and CPD organisations and other relevant stakeholders.

A particular feature of the TeachUP Project is a series of Dialogue Labs supporting cross-institutional collaboration in teacher education at national and European levels. These Guidelines are designed to enable consistency in approach across all countries responsible for running Dialogue Labs. While it is expected that there will be differences in outcomes of the Dialogue Labs it is hoped that in the implementation the approaches are as similar as possible to give the qualitative data collection as much integrity and consistency as possible. This is essential to enable the data collection to have rigour and the findings to be comparable. Guidance is also given for participant registration and reporting of the Dialogue Labs.



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