TeachUP is a policy experimentation, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It aims to experiment, measure and evaluate new ways of teaching to meet the challenges associated with new methods of online learning and assessment. In simple words, the projects tries to provide teachers and student teachers with innovative methods, tools and skills that can help them to be well prepared to their new role in the classroom of the 21st century.
TeachUP builds on the European Commission Education and Training (ET) 2020 Working Group on Schools. Working Groups are designed to help Member States address the key challenges of their education and training systems, as well as common priorities agreed at European Level. The primary focus of the Working Groups is to benefit the Member States in the work of furthering policy development through mutual learning and the identification of good practices, as well as understand what works in education. One of the identified gap by the working group was the need for quality teacher education on the new role and competences of teachers throughout their career. 
TeachUP aims to:
  • Develop online courses for teachers in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) on topics that are key elements for the 21st century teacher: formative assessment, personalized learning, collaborative learning, and creative thinking.
  • Test and compare two different instructional designs and teaching modes for the online courses mentioned above. 
  • Create and facilitate national and European Dialogue Labs- one-day workshops taking place in different stages of the project, which take place at country level and provide opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing and co-creation between Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and Continuous, Professional Development (CPD) organisations and other relevant stakeholders in the field of education: policy makers, local authorities and more.
What do we wish to achieve?
With 17 partners (ministries of education, teacher education and research organisations) in 10 countries coordinated by European Schoolnet, TeachUP informs policy action in teacher education by providing institutional, local, regional, national and EU policy makers with concrete evidence on the following topics:
  • The most efficient and cost effective modes of online courses, for Initial Teacher Education and teachers' Continuous Professional Development
  • The conditions for achieving high retention rates in online courses for teachers.
  • The conditions under which peer assessment can be reliably used in online teacher education, building and recognising teachers' capacities as reflective and networked practitioners.
TeachUP timeline:
March 2017- December 2017 policy experimentation preparation - in this stage we plan to analyse the gaps in existing teachers' training, define the online course content design the online platform and define the analysis approach of this project. 
January 2018- August 2018 sampling and online course production - in this stage we will produce the online courses on the following topics: teacher collaboration, formative assessment, personalising learning and creative thinking. We will also train the national coordinators and invite teachers and student teachers to participate in the courses.
September 2018- May 2019 running the courses - in this stage we will run the four courses mentioned above and produce an intermediate evaluation report.
June 2019- February 2020 evaluation - in this stage we will analyse the data gathered during the courses, launch the final event and publish the final report of the project with conclusion and recommendations gathered during the 4 cross country and across country dialogue labs that will be held each stage.
TeachUP facts:
  • Funding: TeachUP project is a European Policy Experimentation funded by the European Commission through Erasmus+ program
  • Duration: from March 2017 until February 2020
  • Coordinator: European Schoolnet, a network of 34 Ministries of Education from across Europe and beyond.
  • Partners: 17 partners, with policy experimentation in 10 countries.

The TeachUP project is a European Policy Experimentation co-funded by the European Commission via the Erasmus+ programme. This website reflects the views only of the authors and it does not represent the opinion of the European Commission, and the European Commission is not responsible or liable. "European policy experimentations help to assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, potential impact and scalability of innovative policy measures through experimental or semi-experimental approaches." - Annex 1 Call for proposal EACEA no 34/2015.